Emma and The Henke Family


About Emma

So Much Love.

Emma was born September 18, 2014 and is nothing short of an energetic and fun loving four-year-old.  She attends Santa Cruz in Buda and is in their Pre-K 3 class.  She loves making up dance moves, swimming, going to the zoo, and started dabbling in soccer this past year.  While she’s not being sucked into Disney movies, she loves helping with the newest additions to the Henke family, Drew and Alli, her younger twin siblings.


Emma's Family

So Much Support

Amanda was raised in Buda while Jason is originally from Hallettsville.  Youth development, being very important to both of them, brought Amanda and Jason together while they were teaching at Chapa Middle School.  Amanda is in her 10th year at Chapa Middle School.   Jason taught at Chapa for 9 years before moving  to Wallace Middle School where he is in his 2nd year.  They married in March of 2012 and welcomed their first child, Emma, in September of 2014.  A a few years down the road, they were shocked to find out they were having twins!  Drew and Alli graced their presence February 28, 2018. They will  be turning 1 the week of Emma’s Benefit.  With an energetic 4 year old and two 1 year old’s, there is never a dull moment in the Henke household.


Emma's Fight

So Much Strength

What was thought to be a normal fever turned into the unimaginable for the Henke Family.  Emma was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia June 25, 2018.  They started treatment immediately getting her first round of chemo on the 27th of June.  There have been ups and downs along the way and Emma received her most intense treatment thus far in December.  She may have officially lost all of her beautiful hair, but she has not lost her fire.  Along with the support of her family, friends, community, and prayer…. She will continue to beat this fight. 

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